Denise's Dirty Little DETOX YOUR DATING to 
Find Love Secrets...
I'm about to be extremely REAL with you...
I didn’t just meet my husband, fall in love, get married, and have two wonderful young boys overnight….
...From 15 yrs. of being single and dating players and constantly being attracted to the wrong types of men...

...From wasting time in bars partying and using Cosmo's for liquid confidence 
...To staying with boyfriends that I knew in my heart I was SETTLING for because they were safe, and not threatening….just “GFN’s” (Good Enough For Now)… 
...To deciding that maybe I didn't really need a man in my life and I would take a break from dating to work on me... 

Maybe all of that had something to do with why I was still single at 34 y.o. while my friends were all married and having their first child.
Wondering were my eggs all dying?
(Yeah, that was me...ALWAYS the bridesmaid, never the bride and So Jealous! )
Let’s just say I've come a long way since then...

Having it all together on the outside but feeling like I must be “broken” and would never meet a man that would really be honest and committed

“Being in love” with the feeling of “falling in love" and wondering why it never worked out beyond a few months together

Secretly being jealous and annoyed by my married friends

Deciding that there were just no good men out there and why I attracted the wrong men...

Having it all together on the outside but feeling like I must be “broken” and would never meet a man that would really be honest and committed
“Being in love” with the feeling of “falling in love" and wondering why it never worked out beyond a few months together
Secretly being jealous and annoyed by my married friends
Deciding that there were just no good men out there and why I attracted the wrong men...
Have you ever felt any of these feelings before?
If so, let me ask you another question...
Ever wonder how you can be so successful at work...
But not in Love?
You have tried everything to find love including online dating and it just doesn’t work. Right?
In fact, if you were like me when I was single for over 15 yrs. and SEARCHING FOR why I couldn’t meet “my person”...

...You've probably stumbled across dozens of internet dating articles and dating coaching blogs trying to teach you the “tricks” and “techniques” out there for successful dating and relationships. 

Don’t say this. Follow these rules. Play the game. Do this. Don’t text too soon. And by the way, I have never been married but I can tell you about dating.
When is it going to be YOUR turn to meet a man who adores you, makes you feel safe, and is loyal to only YOU?
I say that TODAY, RIGHT NOW, it is your turn!
So why am I telling you all of this?
You're probably thinking...I've tried online dating, read self-help books, gone out on so many dates and still looking for the One.

You're probably thinking..."What makes what I have to share with you different, right?".
The answer is simple

Most dating related classes are made by single coaches who aren't even married...

But after finding love and being married for over 13 yrs. now MYSELF...

 I've discovered the 3 SECRETS to finding love without going on hundreds of dates...

(and it’s the Secret to that is going transform the way you date to find the lasting Love that you Crave and Deserve!)
Through MY OWN journey of dating for so many years... 

to making a few critical decisions that changed my results...

AND not to mention helping hundreds of single women transform their Love Life using my 4-Weeks to Detox Your Dating Life program... 

  Finding love is a lot like losing weight.  
Yeah, sounds strange I know but sometimes despite eating less and exercising more…you still don’t lose the weight. Dating more, and going to the right places, doesn’t equal finding the right man.

Sometimes you have to Kickstart your Dating  
with a Deep Detox have to eliminate the Toxins!

There is NO ONE who cares more about helping you find love by dating smarter than me. I have WALKED in your shoes... 

...And just so you don't think I am some random chick from the internet, let me introduce myself:)
My name is Denise Poteat
and I grew up thinking that love just happened like it did in the movies...
My 30's just flew by hating dating and wondering why I seemed to attract the wrong men...
I wanted to feel confident knowing I could TRUST a man with my heart...
I wanted to feel loved and not have to work so hard...

I wanted to share my life with someone who made me laugh and feel sexy...  
I wanted to feel that undeniable lasting chemistry and not settle...

Truth be told, dating was not fun for me and it felt so exhausting! 
I knew I wanted to meet a relationship-minded man but I didn't know what a man's true intentions were... 

I had questions like... 
How can you tell if a man is really ready for a relationship?
Why do men act interested and then pull away from me?
How do you know if a man is just interested in sex?
How do I learn to trust men again?
Is there something I am doing that attracts the wrong men?

Have you ever felt confused when it comes to attracting and recognizing a relationship minded man? 

Everyone seems to have an answer for you... 

ONLY THING I DID KNOW WAS THAT I seemed to have a pattern of being attracted to the wrong types of men…like cravings for food I knew I shouldn't eat...  


I felt confident, had a great life, read self-help books, went to church and prayed for love, and continued dating…

Dating started to feel like work; it seemed like men knew exactly what to say to sound like they were really interested in a relationship...

How could you tell who was sincere vs just wanting a casual hook-up?
But it Wasn't Just the actual going on Dates that 
I felt frustrated with...
It was the online dating part too...

Online dating plays by different rules...

It seems like such a waste of time... 

There are so many fake profiles and jerks out there.. 
It's HARD to know who is real...

And if you should bother wasting your time on a date

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to online dating?
Was trying to find other successful single girlfriends who understood...

It seemed like every time I tried to explain why dating was so frustrating...

My married friends and family were telling me I was just too picky or 
tried to give me annoying advice ...


So stick with me on this page...
and I'm going to help you with ALL of these things that we've both been through...
"It's time for SECRET #1...
Love has nothing to do with luck. Creating not Waiting... 
is the key to finding love

Hollywood and the magazine industry has been lying to us for decades!  
You've Been Told...

If it's meant to be, than you will just meet the right man.  That no matter how passive we are, the person of our dreams will come to us, no matter how many hurdles stand in their way. Chances are, if you’re not putting yourself out there, you won’t meet anyone.  

Seriously, think about some of your biggest accomplishments in life; did you achieve them just because you were lucky?  Heck no....
The combination of your feelings + action culminated into great results.    

At 34 y.o., I had to quickly come to terms and decide that if I really wanted to get married and have a chance of being a mom, I would have to create more opportunities to meet the kind of man I wanted, accept accountability for my dating choices, and make a decision to pursue a different type of man,evaluate my values, and to be more vulnerable.

Luck implies something is random, and nothing in life is random.
What do you tell yourself is the reason you are single and haven't met the right one? Lack of quality men out there? Lack of time? Have you lost trust in men because of your past?

Whatever you are telling yourself, it's time "go all in" today and make a firm decision that you want love in your life. Women who find love CREATE and don't WAIT for love.  Learn now to CHOOSE the men you want instead of waiting to be CHOSEN.

When you change your thoughts, behaviors, choices, and take don't have to leave love to luck!

"It's time for SECRET #2...
Chemistry is more about an emotional connection..
and that can take time to develop.   

Let's face it. Hollywood romances always make us think that when two people are right for each other, you will "just know," i.e., the chemistry is either there or it isn't, right? Maybe.  But then why is it that some of the men you had strong chemistry with, ended up being a complete disaster of a relationship or had a short run cycle?   

I can't tell you how many men that I "had chemistry" with that turned out to be so wrong for me. In fact, If you were to put some of my boyfriend's in a lineup, physically you might not see that much in common.  

So why did I have "chemistry" with many of them and not others. 

Chemistry and attraction is not's emotional.  In fact, often it's more about your personal values than some magical 1st time connection.   

Attraction is based on your personal values and I valued the wrong things.
I was afraid of commitment, got bored easily, and tended to date the wrong types of men.  

Think about it. Who you are attracted to or who you attract into your life(or who you don’t attract) , and who you keep (or who you don’t keep) in your life, essentially boils down to this: what you value.

-Women who treat themselves with no respect attract men who treat them with no respect.
-A person who hides their intentions and plays games will ultimately attract other people who hide their intentions and play games. 

What you value determines what you find attractive. If you value physical appearance above all else, then you will be willing to sacrifice all other traits for physical appearance in a partner. If you value intelligence above all else, then you will be willing to overlook other traits in favor of intelligence. 

If we want to change the type of you are attracted to and "have chemistry" with, we must get honest with what we value and make a decision redefine our values to attract and be attracted to a different type person. 
"It's time for SECRET #3...
Women who Raise their Standards, not Requirements 
will Attract a High Quality Man
(And the Three Dating Diet Toxins You Need to Eliminate to Help You Find Love…) 
Common Toxin #1: Subconscious self-limiting beliefs about Men & Relationships 

Everything in life is a choice so if you really want love, why can't you find it?  Listen, everyone in life has a foundation of relationship beliefs that have been passed down to them through their parents and society at large. And honestly, most of them just aren't true but you think they are. 

If you have been asking yourself "WTH is my problem?!" the answer lies in some lame, limiting, false subconscious belief that you've been dragging around without even realizing it. 

The 4-weeks Detox Your Dating class will uncover these beliefs, help you replace them, get clear about your values, prioritize them, and then create the mindset you need to attract love. 

You need to have a "Risk Taking" mindset in your love life. Create, don't Wait...People who take risk get results.  Then, like magic, watch your dating life completely transform.
Common Toxin #2:  You don't focus in the present. 

If you are depressed, you love in the past.  If you are anxious, you live in the future. In order to find peace, you have to live in the present.  

Detox your Dating helps teaches you appreciate time. Most women completely underestimate how much their love life can change in one day or two days.  In fact, most of us waste years not understanding the power of change in a short time.

When you learn to eliminate distractions and appreciate the present, you are no longer a victim of your own excuses. The Detox your Dating class will give you valuable tools and the blueprint to create the relationship you want in days not months. 
Common Toxin #3: Lack of Self-Esteem. 

Did you know that confidence is the most sexy and attractive trait that men love?  there's no magic pill to get it, but this class is going to teach you valuable principles that will immediately give your the blueprint to being the best version of you!

No more comparing yourself to others, ditch the fear of looking stupid, learn to let love and love yourself, and learn to trust your intuition.

The Detox Your Dating Life course helps you dive deep into YOUR FAITH, your your own beliefs, and 

This course is for single women, who are truly open-minded, teachable, and ready to attract real lasting love into their life. Anyone dating can benefit from it. 
THE Question is...
Do you want my help to learn how to recognize and attract the high quality men you crave?

If "yes", I have something for you....
In the 'Detox Your Dating Life Course’ You Will Learn:
  • 7 fundamental relationship types: find out what type you are and why your type determines all of the problems and struggles you run into in your romantic relationships.
  • 9 mindsets that can sabotage your ability to get your need for intimacy met. (You probably have at least one of them.)
  • The scientifically-validated theory for why you attract who you attract and what you can do to change it.
  • How we overestimate love and why this messes us all up.
  • How we overestimate sex and why this messes us all up.
  • The three key values to a happy and successful romantic/sex life — these can NEVER be compromised. Ever.
  • 4 Things you need to take care of before you even start worrying about your relationships.
  • One “red flag” that lets you know this relationship is simply not going to work no matter what you do.
  • And much more…
The Detox Your Dating Life Dating Course is a series of video lessons. Each video presents a concept or idea, and then at the end of the video, you are given an exercise to carry out. Kind of like homework but way more fun.

These exercises are often interactive, requiring you to go out into the world and try something, or to communicate with other single new girlfriends in the course and analyze each other’s thought patterns and behaviors.   

Once you complete an exercise, you are given specific questions to journal about what you learned; share your discovery with your private Facebook girlfriends and then move on to the next lesson. By the end of the course, you should have made significant progress towards improving your love life and your ability to recognize, create, and attract strong and healthy relationships with high quality men. 

The course can also be repeated. So going through it once may get you 50% of the way there. But going through it twice will get you 90% of the way there.
Bonus #1: Free Laser Coaching Session with Denise 
This is where I open a bottle of bubbly and say, “But wait, there’s more!”

Because there is more, girlfriend! 

Every course member also gets a private 30-minute laser dating coaching session with me! it’s all free with your course membership.   

You will also get priority response in all of our “The Naked Truth About Dating” Facebook Live shows where single men and women tune in to discuss their dating debacles and get valuable feedback from me and the community of single men tuning in.    

Don’t ever say I didn’t love you. 

The Naked Truth about Dating FB Live show will change the way you look at relationships and finally make sense of how the inner thoughts of the opposite sex.”
A Sisterhood Community Full of
Feedback And Support
As a course member, you get access to a private Facebook forum where you can discuss dating & relationship challenges, life problems, major life decisions, relevant self-improvement topics, and solicit your new sexy savvy girlfriends for advice.

The forum will consist of loving supportive single women all going through similar struggles as you, as well as a my professional psychotherapy and coaching expertise there to give you personalized advice.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
When you sign up for the Detox Your Dating Life Course, you do so risk free. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all sign-ups for the first 10-days.
If you don’t find the course and material to be valuable for whatever reason, simply send me an email and I’ll refund you your money immediately. No questions asked.

“The biggest improvement I’ve noticed is my ability to genuinely attract high quality men. Not only am I meeting and attracting high quality men who I am attracted to, but I’m also forming friendships with high quality women as well.”

– Amanda, Texas
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What Other People Are Saying About the
Detox Your Dating Course:
“It made me realize that many of my relationships in my life were either toxic or superficial. It got me to look at myself, my needs for attention from men, and hence sacrificing my identity. It has got me to redefine my standards for friendship and romantic relationships.”

– Debbie, Texas

“This course has helped me alleviate much of my anxiety regarding my sense of urgency to get married. I also am starting to take complete responsibility for my relationships, no more excuses to place the blame on a lack of quality men.”

– D., New York

“The most noteable improvements for me come from the more direct self-improvement area of things. Things like new interests, values, and an increased sense of self-worth have generally been a great enrichment to my life.”

– K.M., Austin, Texas

“THANK YOU Denise! Your humor and tell it like it is style really made me feel safe!”

– Barbara, California
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